Thursday, May 5, 2011

May(the month) has been treating me well so far! how about you guys?

the past few days had been awesome for me because I managed to catch up with so many different groups of friends and they are all so awesome! :) makes me feel genuinely happy and blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

on another note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH! haha a few of us celebrated her birthday over a simple dinner at Fika and dessert after. then, we decided to do what we always used to love a few years ago and still love now - arcade! speaking of that, I remember how we used to scream ourselves hoarse playing bishi bashi(my favourite arcade game which I am sadly not very good at) and how we used to play the drums together. there will be five of us and we will like, each be "in-charge" of hitting the beats on one bar. for instance, one of us will hit the red, one will hit the green, one will step on the blue etc. haha it was stupid, but we did not care about about the smirks from passersby or their amused expressions. we were too busy having fun to care! yeah, those were the times man!

aww sudden feeling of nostalgia. :)

haha anyway a few days ago I also managed to catch up with gaya and huda. we had brunch over good conversation and then spent the rest of the day roaming around town. oh, we also had the new starbucks drink called strawberry frappe?! I am bad at remembering names but in any case, it was goodddd. haha but I secretly still prefer my green tea frappe. oh wait, I think that is no secret?! the whole world knows my favourite drink is green tea frappe hahaha because I almost always would order that. what can I say? I am a die-hard fan la.

also went singing with JH yesterday! 4 hours of endless singing at party-world which trying not to freeze to death. haha should have known better and brought my jacket! haha but whatever it is, enjoyed the music! singing is so so soooo addictive ahhh!

btw I am lamely still addicted to JJ's chi bang. hahahaha somebody introduce me to another song equally addictive and pull me out of this one! (I think my family, especially sister, is getting annoyed with me constantly playing the song on singing it super loudly)

there are a bunch of other things I would love to blog about show is loaded! haha so I am off to catch it and shall end my post abruptly here. goodnight everyone!

signing off, viting
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