Tuesday, June 28, 2011

after exactly a month, I am finaaaally back! :D actually I have been blogging, just not here. but anyway, I decided to start afresh by changing the template. spent close to an hour on editing the skin and up till now, I am still barely satisfied with it because the fonts are ugly and the top is not aligned. sigh got very frustrated by it and decided to give up. (obviously a quitter hahahahaha) oh well, I am not a html guru or anything or guess this is passable for now!

life was pretty busy and tiring for me, yet I enjoyed almost every moment. spent the month catching up with friends while still neglecting some against my will(really busy), working as a blackberry promoter, working as a facilitator, contemplating my future(going to further my studies), spending time with family, watching movies and dramas on funshion(current addiction) and as usual, listening to music and spending quality time alone.

on another note, just a few more days until july! which also means that we are halfway through 2011, already!! this year is seriously moving too fast and I am pretty sad because it was been such a good one for me so far. haven't had many dull moments as far as I recall and I am afraid that all these will change when this year is over. haha but I think it's just me, everything will be great.

I find myself losing bit by bit of my optimism as I age.

signing off, viting
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