Wednesday, June 29, 2011

woohooo I am like super addicted to this particular food item right now. make a guess guys! it comes in many shapes and sizes, can be eaten alone or with filling, and can be made either soft or hard. alright alright, I know it is not easy to guess. the answer is bread! hahaha yes, nothing fancy, just bread.

right now I am loving the plain sunshine bread. dun ask me how but I managed to finish one entire loaf in two days. it's just sooo nice with peanut butter or kaya or nutella(omg I love this thing) or canned chilli tuna.

typing this is making me hungry. haha should I go grab macs with sister?! yes no yes no yes no?!?

sigh decisions is so complicated!!!

hahahaha I am always like that and my sister will be like, "dun ask me lah! all your difficult decisions are stupid." see! so mean right!! haha but okay I admit it is a teeny bit lame.

fine la, very lame okay! now, should I get macs?!? yes or no or yes or no or yes or no. HAHAHA omg try typing "yes or no" many times! mine kept becoming yeo or nor. try it and let me know whether yours is like mine. maybe we can discover some new brain logic or something!

okay im getting macs. gotta run!! :D till next time!

signing off, viting
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