Saturday, July 16, 2011

after completely ditching this space for close to two weeks, I had this sudden urge to revive it and hence this post. I am also becoming strangely and abnormally picky about my blogskins recently. the previous one just does not seem to satisfy because it was somehow lacking a certain something but please don't ask me what, looking at it just does not make me happy you know? hahaha so I spent a whole hour editing the codes for this and you are now looking at the final result. it is frustrating because I cannot seem to change the size of the banner on top + align the posts more to the centre instead of to the left like how it is currently. anyone has any idea do let me know! I will be eternally grateful. will repay you by helping to scrub your toilet bowl!! yes, I am kidding.

anyway yesterday we went to catch HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART II.


hahaha I dun know about the rest but I really like it. oh yah but all three of us agreed that the part that voldemort died was kind of random. anywaysss no more spoilers because I am sure this is a show that pretty much everyone's going to watch so let you guys watch yourselves la. :D

everyone felt a little strange afterwards though. because you know, it finally ended. like officially ended. especially for people around my age I think, because we kind of grew up with harry potter and the characters. from when I was in primary school all the wayyyy till now. so in a way this also marks the end of my childhood.

anyway I want to catch larry crowne too! but no timeeeee. oh wells sux 2 b miii. no time because I packed my schedule for the next couple of weeks with work. especially next week! I will be working at sunplaza roadshow from 10am-9pm daily fml x112178. but hang in there viting! my motivation will be the fat paycheck. :) wooohooo so many things to buy.

speaking of which, I have work at parkway parade(further than south africa) tomorrow at 12pm and I am still awake! rawr somebody kill me.

haha okay going to attempt to sleep with my ever-so-considerate sister blasting music in the room now. wish me luck guys. in any case, I will be back real soon to update about yanping's 21st birthday! :) till then!

signing off, viting
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