Sunday, July 31, 2011

I tell myself I will get down to cleaning it tomorrow, then tomorrow becomes yet another tomorrow and yet another and another. cycle repeats ten million times.

me = born to be lazy. :D :D :D

oh and I have taken a recent unhealthy addiction to gong cha's earl grey milk tea with herbal jelly thanks to this nokia promoter's recommendation. haha and the most interesting thing is that it seems to have surpassed my intense love for koi. hahahaha but I have a love-hate relationship with milk tea. its existence just means that I can never be healthy. but then again, even without it there is always ice cream or laksa or whatever else. oh wellss, life is short so i believe in indulging.

have been busy since several weeks ago due to work. initially thought that after this week I should be pretty free. but guess that's not the case anymore! I have agreed to replace another promoter for next weekend, work at oub plaza and laselle roadshow.

okay looks like catching up with friends would have to wait again. awwww I have been terribly busy I know, so much so that I hardly get to meet a lot of my friends anymore. haha but we can always bbm or whatsapp or something! (loving my bb phone so far) so here's an apology to friends I have been constantly turning down due to either work or other commitments or simply pure laziness. cos you see, after a busy day sometimes all I want to do is to laze around at home and not move from my lovely couch.

:D alright gotta go sleeeeep!! planning to catch up on my missed episodes of ah di on xin.msn tomorrow on the playbook! (omg st told me that siwen died and ah di ended up in the jail) hahaha hopefully tomorrow the manager would not be around somewhere spying on me. zzz okay goodnight world!

signing off, viting
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