Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yesterday I spent three hours attempting to call the school and it was so difficult because the line was constantly engaged. I spent most of the time listening to the voice recording and music while they tried to assure me how much they "appreciated my call" and how they will "attend to me soon". yeah three hours is hardly considered "soon" right. oh wellsss, at least I managed to get through in the end and they gave me my student ID and password. urgently required those to log into the student portal to select my timetable.

after work ended, I rushed home to choose the timetable and guess what!? all the slots that were left were pretty sucky plus I had tons of problems trying to confirm it and everything. in the end it was shitian to the rescue!! hahaha seriously, what will I do without my friends. -thankful-

so here is my timetable:

9.45am-10.45am - econs tutorial
3.30pm-6.30pm - POA

12.00pm-3.00pm - math

8.30am-11.30am - IBM
3.30pm-6.30pm - econs

the good news would be that I only have school three days a week so the rest of the time I can rest/study/work. the bad news would be the early lessons on monday and friday as well as the extremely long breaks in between. every monday and friday I would have 4 hours of break between the first and last lesson! think I would probably bring along my laptop so at least I wouldn't sit there suck thumb for the entire four hours?! haha oh well, or I could always study I guess....

in any case, let me know if anyone has the same timetable as me! we can hang out together during the long breaks. :)

on another note, today is my second day into work at the sunplaza roadshow. yay two days down and just five more days to go. omg five more!! ahh so many days hahaha but I can do it! at least blackberry has two promoters so it's not that bad. I was alone today though, cos my working mate went for his driving test. killing eleven hours by myself is something worth boasting about I tell you. I felt invincible afterwards man, like I can conquer that eleven hours I can conquer the world. hahahahaha everyone there is pretty nice though, just that the location's very bad. hopefully tomorrow we can sell at least one phone! yes, the egg's not broken till now and yes that's pretty embarrassing.

alright that's all. I am dead beat and my bed is beckoning me. :) goodnight and stay safe everyone!

signing off, viting
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