Sunday, August 7, 2011

I know the sensible thing for me to do right now would probably be to shut the computer and go to sleep, since there is work yet again tomorrow. but instead I am here blogging while munching on yummy cookies rach baked for me. thanks girl, love them and I think they are comparable to famous amos's! and that's saying something because I LOVE famous amos. :D their no nuts chocolate chip really completes my life hahahaha. really!!

anyway just now I went slightly overboard shopping at this website called myfashiondiary(I think). haha it was a typical fail-at-sounding-classy blogshop name but I like the clothes and in particular, the guy tees! I ended up buying three because the prints are too pretty to resist, though I am not sure what to do with them yet. most likely give to random guy friends as birthday presents or just wear them myself?! pretty tees make me happy.

oh and I received a call from my OGL this evening so guess I'll be going for the freshmen orientation camp next next week! initially thought that maybe I wouldn't be picked because apparently due to overwhelming response they have to ballot to see who ends up going? haha so I suppose I am lucky! yay hope it turns out fun. :D

<3 <3 alright think I NEED to go and sleep now if not tomorrow I'll DIE. hahahaha cheers!

signing off, viting
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