Monday, August 29, 2011

I survived the entire week! yay I am brilliant la, seriously. :D

shall update a little about what happened this week. (this post may not entirely make sense but pardon me. can barely think straight already, much less draft a proper post. like if you ask me what is 1 + 1 my answer will be 4.)

had barely two hours of shut-eye last night but still woke up diligently for work today! heehee so proud of myself. :) throughout the day I felt okay and the fatigue only started to set in towards the evening. then at 8pm, a mentally and physically drained me still managed to meet kk for dinner! haha we went to eat awesome dimsum and had a short but nice chat. thanks for the treat xiongdi!

on friday I went for netball training after lessons. it was fun and I did not regret going down, although I was already mad tired after an entire day of classes. so now I am seriously contemplating whether to officially join netball. I realised that I still love the sport despite not having a chance to play for the past three years. the training kind of rekindled my love for it hahaha. miss those anderson netball days so much!! miss playing with the GIANTS! -suddenly nostalgic-

okay I think I would most likely be joining! but I need to slowly build up my stamina and strength. am very veryyyy unfit now.

anyway I really would love to continue blogging but my brain is no longer functioning. zzz so guess I shall end abruptly here! :) shall blog about the FOC outing we had on saturday once the pictures are up or when I have more energy!

goodnight world! I need to catch some sleep and prepare for the upcoming week which will be super packed with comex + bash + school + cousins gathering + movie + bb event!

signing off, viting
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