Monday, August 15, 2011

just took a flu pill. you know, that yellow and tiny one from watsons, known for its unfailing ability to cause drowsiness. heehee so while waiting for it to take effect,(usually around half an hour or so) I shall blog about some random happenings.

1. finally done with a week's worth of work at the singtel F1 roadshow. I started off energetic and chirpy but as each day passed, I started getting more and more tired + more and more sick. by the end of the week I ended up looking like some ghost. zzz

2. officially fell sick yesterday, right after explaining about the blackberry playbook to this random dude. just started sneezing non-stop out of the blue and it went downhill from there. by the end of the day I was close to dying and I pity all my other workmates especially st, they had to endure my incessant complaints. I kept going like, "I cannot already laaa" and "I am going to die I swear" and "siannn I cannot survive beyond today" etc etc. basically, I was being mad annoying hahaha.

3. "when you lose something, you gain something"
haha this is like, my friend kaixin's motto in life I think! and I find it really true. although being sick sucks like a bubbletea straw, it made me feel super loved! thanks to all the friends who cared, even if it is something small like a simple message. and thanks for the cupcake WJ! :D felt like a queen the whole day at home, I just had to shout and my mum/sis/dad/bro will be at my disposal. whoo and I admit I abused this wahahaha.

4. had an outing with my OG a few days ago! we went for dinner at fish and co glass house and afterwards went to playnation to clown around. it was a pretty good day. :)

5. to a friend: you deserve better so cheer up okay! I'll support you always! and remember that my line is available 24/7!

6. okay I think a few people kind of thought the previous blog post was about them when it actually was not. haha so to prevent further misunderstandings, I want to say that it is really not about you, or you, or you.

haha alright I think the drowsiness it starting to kick in. I cannot seem to concentrate....ahhh where am I....hahahahaha wow this flu pill like no joke man!

goodnight world, I cannot think already. off to bed!

signing off, viting
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