Friday, August 5, 2011

okay while waiting for my drama episodes to load, I shall blog! funshion's being such a bitch today. ):

currently loading:

1) 紫禁惊雷 The Life And Times of A Sentinel, ep 2

my steven ma is acting in this show! haha I watch nearly all the shows he acts in, am like a loyal fan. :D haha I like the fact that he is not exactly the drop-dead-gorgeous nor is he the tall-dark-handsome type. instead, I think possesses his own type of charm? the type that somehow draws people to him. and it's not just me because st agrees!

2) 潜行狙击 Lives of Omission, ep 3

laughing gor is backkk! haha and this time there is bosco wong(cute) and fala chen(pretty) so all's good! am only at episode 3 but so far it's really exciting. I shall watch this slowly la, since it's still playing in hongkong and a new episode will only be out every day. hate having to wait for shows! like my zui hou jue ding ai shang ni. sighhhh!

P.S. the spell check is annoying me, it's like highlighting nearly half the words here such as "backkk" and "bosco wong" and "hongkong" etc etc. ahh it's getting on my nerves!



a bunch of ambassadors went down to laselle roadshow today to attempt to get some new transactions but the crowd was pathetic. haha more so since we went pretty late and most of the students have already gone home. ): yeah so it was pretty much a waste of time. but oh well, at least I had fun talking to the other blackberry people and like, discussing a bunch of nonsense. -beams-

also had fun shopping + laughing at how long jamie takes to wash her face + gossiping about random people + trying out the ayam penyet at liang seah street! :D today was a happy day.

oh yah, I actually really wanted to talk about my orientation as well but my shows are already done loading so guess that would have to wait till next time! provided I ever get down to it, which I highly doubt. haha yes this is me displaying lack of faith in myself because I know I am simply too lazyyy. zzzz. wanted to upload the pictures but it takes too much effort so maybe next time!

in any case, orientation was fun! my group was nice and like, we were just...awesome lah! you have to be there to know! heehee. :D :D

oh yah and lastly, topshop spree here:

should I take part?!? should I should I?! die this time really need to go pluck petals off a daisy or something. yes, no, yes, no.


signing off, viting
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