Monday, August 22, 2011

wooohoo! managed to stay home the entire day today doing absolutely nothing. the feeling is awesome! :D haha I had my breakfast, lunch and dinner on the couch because I was too lazy to move. basically, I stayed on the couch perpetually the entire day.

anyway I came back from camp a couple of days ago!

it was pretty fun but mad tiring! I highly doubt I can type a proper post for camp describing the sequence of events and all that because my brain is feeling quite lazy. haha die I swear this laziness thing is getting out of hand, it's ruining my life. I am too lazy to even think for goodness sake! so to save you guys from having to read a bunch of incoherent paragraphs with disjointed thoughts, I shall blog in points.

some of the things that happened:

- all 24 of us in the same group had to share one room + one toilet. haha to me this was probably the most annoying part of this camp for me, having to wait to use the toilet.

- had a blast at sentosa running to different stations completing the various tasks. by the end of the day we got so wet and dirty with the sand and salt water but whatever, all that mattered was we had fun!

- played amazing race around cityhall and town area! the part when we ran from fort canning to ion to wheelock to st regis to botanical gardens was totally mad exciting, though we nearly collapsed into a pile of jelly afterwards. haha we ran so much our limbs became soft, no joke.

- there was a secret pal segment where we got to meet this random guy/girl from another group. mine was this dude called ryan whom I actually knew before this but I did not realise I know. ah long story. all I can say is, the world is so freaking small!! :D

- the food was the entire camp was mostly...bad. hahaha but we were always so hungry by meal time that we would just swallow everything without caring. in any case, after the camp I made up for it by indulging in loads of yummy stuff. missed gong cha, ice cream, chocolates, maggie curry and french fries so much during camp!

- had barely a few hours of shut-eye every night and if you guys know me, I am someone who needs my rest. if not I'll start getting grumpy/spacing out/do stupid things/fall asleep everywhere. yeah, so that was bad.

- met a bunch of awesome people + three crazy but reaaally nice OGLs. I am thankful for that.

alright, I shall end here. school's starting tomorrow! I think I shall catch up on my dramas for I reckon I would have less time to do so once school starts. I shall be a nerd! need to study hard because I heard it's not gonna be easy. the seniors are all scaring me!! sigh, battle half lost even before it started. hahahahaha oh wellsss.

cheers! till next time!

signing off, viting
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