Wednesday, September 7, 2011

have been neglecting this space due to work + school. I no longer have much of a social life! have not been catching up with people I should be catching up with and breaking promises to meet friends. at this rate I am not going to have any friends! haha sorry guys, if you are reading this, don't forget me okay! I am just a call away!

anyway I survived IT show! :D four whole days of standing and talking constantly nearly killed me but I am alive, barely. suffering the after-effects now, my voice is once again gone and I have two fresh zits. oh well, but nevermind la, it had been a fun four days and I think it's good money! happy. :D I think the reason why it was fun was because my working partners yy and jy are super nonsensical so we just talk crap and do stupid things the whole time.

have you guys checked out H&M yet? yesterday the queue was snaking all the way to the back of the building but we still managed to get in. okay I agree that it is over-rated but still, I managed to find a few pretty pieces. :D

today's studying session with ly also turned out to be a HTHT + shopping session. haha but I had fun, enjoyed the company. I think we think alike in some ways and we have similar taste in clothes too. hahahaha cheers to similar frequencies! :D we managed to grab some pretty items at town too. happy! shopping is like, so awesome.

I need to shop more!! but no time!!

24 hours a day is really too short for me! I need twice of that please!

am really behind on my studies as well. I am afraid to think of the consequences if i don't work hard to catch up soon. I will die a horrible death. note to self: allocate time to study econs, revise accounts and read through IBM!

alright, that's all for now! off to bed! :D

signing off, viting
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