Sunday, May 27, 2012

hey guys, it has been awhile...okay not exactly AWHILE, more like ages or 4 months to be exact. -is sheepish- haha anyway i have this sudden urge to blog again so here i am. prob nobody visits this place but in any case, i shall blog cos i want to and i can and i am awesome. :D D hahahhahaha. well, these past few months have been busy for me. they are filled with plenty of mugging for my exams and rest of the time just continuing to live and enjoy this beautiful life. :) (yes i am aware this sounds cheesy)

anyway exams are finally over and i am so so grateful for that. i have decided that regardless of my grades, i am going to be happy and as for now, i shall simply hold on to the belief that everything is gonna turn out okay. although there are some modules, in particular accounting, in which in am absolutely terrified to face the outcome due to how disastrous i know it is going to turn out, i am hoping it is all part of my imagination and i am thinking too negatively. please let do well for all the modules and make all that effort worthwhile!

so thankful for all the help given by my fellow studying buddies, family and anyone who gave me support. i could never have prepared for the exams alone, that much i am sure of. special thanks to the gang for helping me stay focused, put things into perspective and allowed me to rant whenever the stress got overwhelming. you guys are the best!

there, full attendance of the gang! :D

okay exams aside and before i do up my 21st birthday post which is 4 months overdue(haha), i have an announcement to make. ahem ahem! hahahaha gosh i make this sound so awkward and scary when it is all actually really sweet and happy. <3 i am now attached guys! yup, since close to 4 months ago on valentines' day.

that's us! <3 to my silly bf, thanks for taking care of me these past few months and always being there for me. thanks for putting up with my tantrums and thanks for all the lovely memories. glad to have met you! i love to call him nicknames and finds it cute that he hates to be called stuff like fur ball and marshmallow because he finds them too girly. well, all i can say is...too bad!

and here's the post for my 21st birthday!

it was held at swissotel the stamford and was a simple one day affair. i would like to thank my friends who came down or those who wished me even though they could not make it. sorry i wasn't a better hostess, haha i think such parties are not really my thing. too much hassle and i feel bad when i cannot engage everyone and some friends are left feeling bored. but nonetheless, overall it went okay and im glad for that.

special thanks:

mum for preparing the food. she woke up bright and early to prepare everything!
lydia and gerald for driving me and all the food there.
sister for helping to set up everything, i would have DIED without her. she is like the best can! seriously this kind of sister where to find?!? super thankful for her!
my bf kaien for EVERYTHING.
shitian for being so so thoughtful and helpful and sweet and being so muchhhh help, planning the party with me and ensuring that forgetful me does all the important things.
zhizhong for helping to bring all the food up to my room and to help set up.
chong meng for going all the way to town to collect my cake
yy and st for walking with me to collect my helium balloons br> huda, lyana and gaya + lydia for making extra effort to follow my theme. haha it was quite a failed theme la actually, nobody really followed it. (including myself but i insist it is justified cos it is my bday and i am the queen so too bad!)

and really, everyone else who came down. especially people like kk who had to book in afterwards but managed to come anyway. my true brother this dude!

okay enough of all that thank you messages, getting abit lame. hahahaha i am starting to sound like miss singapore when she accepts the crown.

here are peektures of the event! not in order or anything because i am too lazy. but at least...i added in captions here and there okay! give me some credit for that. :)

me looking extremely pleased with my cake for some bizarre reason. anyway i made the bakery write "today a genius was born" on my cake which nobody else thought was funny except me. hahahahahaha.

my round face says hi! so does some random dude's feet.

heehee i included this picture only because while looking through my facebook to select pictures to blog with, i saw this and there is my cute bf at the back, random head popping out of nowhere lolol. and anw my round face says hi again!

this is while the gang tried to torture me with wasabi, lemon, some weird drinks to make my birthday more eventful. hahahaha actually quite fun, especially when their plan to torture me with lemon slices failed cos i am secretly a lemon fan. sour things excite me. #truestory

anyway on that day i also got pretty tipsy after some left and started talking non stop like seriously....arghhhh thinking about it makes me want to take a plane to sahara desert to hide and never come back. i saw the video one of my friend took afterwards and let's just say i am never drinking that much ever again. :/ when i get tipsy i start talking all sorts of crap and go on and go and go and when i finally stop, i sit one corner and starts feel emo. luckily i had my friends with me that night! and i am glad i don't like alcohol in the first place so i am pretty sure the episode's not going to repeat.

okay that's all for now. :) and reviving my blog feels good!

signing off, viting
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